HHBSC Club Facilities

The Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club have excellent facilities to cater for the boating enthusiast.

The Clubhouse

Our clubhouse has a restaurant that serves delicious meals 5 days a week
(Thursday to Sunday) licensed bar, pool table, big screen TV, Foxtel and a large balcony where you can take in the view and enjoy the cool sea breeze. There is even a playground for children to enjoy in a secure and safe environment. The club also hold many family events and have facilities for members to hold functions including Weddings Birthdays and corporate engagements.

The club also has diesel, PULP, water and ice available to members and visiting vessels. An excellent floating pontoon boat ramp and wash down facilities are available. Members can use the Club house toilets and showers facilities after their ocean activities there are also showers, toilets and laundry facilities available to Members and visiting vessels 24 hours a day on the club grounds. The committee is very proactive to continually improve the facilities for the benefit of all members and visiting vessels.

Boat Ramps

HHBSC has four ramps with floating pontoons for easy launching and retrieving of vessels. 

The boat ramps are available for use by HHBSC member's boats only and boats using the ramp must display a current membership sticker. Access is on a first come first served basis.

The pontoon adjacent to the boat ramp is only available for tying up during the launching and retrieval of boats. Berthing of boats at the pontoon for any other reason is strictly prohibited.

Members are requested to launch and retrieve their boats quickly and efficiently to minimise waiting times for others. This means:

  • Preparing boat and trailer for launching away from boat ramps (ie away from the area between boat ramp and boat wash bays).
  • After launching, moving the boat to the outer end of the jetty to allow other members to launch in front while the trailer is parked.
  • For retrieval, moving the boat as far forward as possible so boats can berth behind it while the trailer is brought to the ramp.
  • Attaching lights, tie down straps etc away from the boat ramp area.

Wash down area

This area allows for 2 cars and vessels to be washed down at a time. 

The boat wash facility has been provided for members to remove salt from their boat . This should be done quickly to minimise waiting times for others. The facility is not intended as a “cleaning” area for detailing of vessels.

The washing of cars, eskies, fishing equipment and the like in the boat wash bays is strictly prohibited.

Water is a precious resource and members are requested to use water sparingly.


HHBSC offers secure carparks behind member only access gates. 

Car and boat parking is available to paid up ordinary club members only.

Members must park within designated areas of the club grounds only and all cars must display a current membership sticker. Please refer to the plan indicating the location of designated car parking and car and trailer parking areas.

Cars may not use trailer parking areas unless towing a trailer.

Country Members can park vehicles for a maximum of 2 days. If you require parking for more than two days contact the office for weekly rates.

Non-compliance with parking restrictions will result in deactivation of the member’s electronic access key.

Security gate          

Security gates will open by swiping your membership card. Please do not allow others to tail gate you to gain access and do not force gates open. We have security cameras operating on  both gates and we will be issuing written warnings to all those not abiding by the  club rules. After 3 warnings your gate access will be deactivated.  If you witness tailgating and people opening the gates, please take note of the time and notify admin asap.


PULP Pump with user friendly credit card payment is located on floating pontoon in front of the Boat ramps

Diesel - is by appointment booking For bookings please contact the HHBSC Club grounds manager on 0400238724

Marina and Hardstand

Hardstand and Marina pens are available for long and short term lease - please contact HHBSC office 0891831116 for Availability

Marina vessel loading wharf

The loading wharf is designed to unload and load vessel cargo

For bookings and fees please contact the HHBSC Club grounds manager on 0400238724

Marina Slipway

HHBSC marina slip way is available to members and customers for maintenance and repairs to vessels for bookings and fees please contact the HHBSC office 91831116

Dingy mooring area

Is located in front of the boat ramps and is available to members that moor their vessels in the harbor and visiting vessels to our club.