Hampton Harbour Boat & Sailing Code of Conduct

The Hampton Harbour Boat & Sailing Clun Inc pledges itself to Responsible Server Practices and to avoid disturbing the amenity of the local area by respecting the right of neighbours and by encouraging customers to do the same.

Under Clause 12.3 of the Club Constitution, the Protocol Committee shall have the full power to suspend or to recommend expulsion of any member of the Club in the event of that member behaving in a manner likely to impair or affect the enjoyment of the Club by other members, The mode of suspension or expulsion is contained in Clause 12.3 and the right of the member to appeal is outlined in Clause 12.3 of the Club Constitution.

The Constitution of the Club requires that a members's guest abide by the same rules as applies to members.

Any member of the public that is not a member or a guest of a member of the club will not be allowed to be served at the bar and would be asked to leave. Application for membership details would be supplied to any member of the public requiring information about qualifications to be come a member under the terms of the club constitution.

The club through the Board of Management will set and maintain dress and behaviour standards. Dress standards will be clearly advertised and displayed in the bar area.

  1. Once a Member or guest has been identified as becoming intoxicated under the terms of the licensing requirements the club staff will limit then stop service to the member. Members entering the club in an intoxicated state will not be served.
  2. All persons under 18 years of age are not admitted as ordinary members and not allowed to remain at the bar. Junior members and other persons under the age of 18 years as a member of an affiliate club are allowed access to the club premises in the company of a responsible adult member from the affiliate club, as are underage children of members. 

No person and er 18 years will be served alcohol or be permitted to bring alcohol onto the licensed areas of the club. Non-members will be asked about age as well as membership status when approaching the bar area. NO PERSON UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS WILL BE ADMlTTED AS AN ORDINARY MEMBER. NO PERSON UNDER 18 YEARS WILL BE SERVED ALCOHOL are two non negotiable. non exception practices of the club.

The Hampton Harbour Boat & Sailing Club Inc has identified four areas of its patron care:

  1. The club facility - we have worked with local health and licencing authorities to build and maintain the bar and kitchen area to meet the standards while being able to develop core operational  functions. The club facilities will be upgraded and changed as members needs change, but with the full knowledge of the various licencing authorities. 
  2. Drink Driving and Our members -stricter policing of road rules has impacted on the business of clubs. We will continually look to identify ways so that each member can happily utilise the club facilities without risking their safety and livelihood with excess alcohol consumption. The promotion of food services and responsible drinking: initiatives will be highlighted in club services.
  3. Local Community - The club must first look after its members and make sure we are providing the services they require. The club is conscious that it is seen as a true community player, we need to be seen by our members as active in the community in a way of them being supportive of our efforts with returned business. The Club will work with other business and its neighbours to ensure a very harmonious relationship.
  4. The club provides food and snacks for its members. The club stocks and prominently displays specialised non-alcoholic drinks and soft drinks for sale.

The club maintains Approved Licensed Manager amongst its ranks and that person is responsible for training all staff members. The club provides all resources to easily allow staff to undertake the necessary training, The responsible server practices as set out by the Director are discussed and interpreted by the Approved Manager with participation of all staff members on a regular basis.