Club History

Early History of Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club

November 13 ,1968 saw the first Annual General Meeting of the Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing club. J .Dennis Holden was the first elected commodore.

But the real genesis of the club was earlier. On 2nd November 1967 a group of interested Dampier residents, mainly Hamersley Iron employees with a common interest in the sea, met to develop a club and facilities for their sport. It was this community spirit and willpower that drove the Club in its formative years.

The Club name, Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club, was adopted in recognition of the area of water lying between Dampier and East Intercourse Island.

Hamersley Iron granted approval to construct a boat harbour and facilities off Foul point and in November 1967 work commenced bulldozing a boat harbour and rock groyne. Hamersley also donated $20,000 to get the clubhouse started .. 

The first club boat ramp was laid in mesh and rock on 19th May 1968 and this was concreted on 3rd November at a cost of $216 and two working bees.

Volunteers were active and enthusiastic in those days and the Clubhouse pad was laid on 26th January 1969 with the assistance ofup to 6 rostered members a day donating their time and energy to their dream.

Memberships were $11 in those days and the club was first affiliated with the Dampier and Districts Recreational Association. We even had our own newsletter, "Off the Beach".

A crash boat and four cherub class training dinghies were purchased to encourage junior sailors. Soon there were regular and scheduled programs with fortnightly yacht races and a register of power boats.

On I st August 1971 the Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing club premises were officially opened by the wife of the club patron, Mrs Betty Nielson.

There has been additions and modifications over the years from committed members .Now in 2018, over 50 years later, we look back with pride and forward with renewed confidence that our club will continue to be a major player in the Dampier recreation scene. With a membership of over 800 and an active and committed committee the club continues to respond to changing times and to provide amenities of a high standard.

Life Members

Persons over the age of eighteen years who have rendered, meritorious or special services to the Club can achieve the distinction of life membership. Life members deserve recognition and have certain privileges within the club. Over the years the club has been and continues to be honoured with the services of members who have given their energy and much of their
lives to ensure the club functions for the benefit of all the membership. The Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club honour its life members and extend its sincere thanks to these selfless individuals and for all their services to our club. The life members are listed below.

Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club Life Members

James Holden held various committee positions from 1967 to 1973

Graham Cox held various committee positions from 1970 to 1983

Ross Barnett held various committee positions from 1973 to 1996

David Catto held various committee positions from 1978 to 1986

Keith Wallwork held various committee positions from1983 to 1994

Peter Nash held various committee positions from 1999 to 2009

John Lally held various committee positions from 2000 to 2017

(John Lally is our current Club Trustee patron)